Meet EFMI Programs and Initiatives Luncheon*

Saturday May 28, 12:05-12:50, Rhodes 9-2

Preliminary Program

  1. Welcome to EFMI: Catherine Chronaki, EFMI President, 5’
  2. EFMI Programs
    • EFMI Accreditation and Certification (AC2) Committee, Professor John Mantas, Chair AC2, 10’
  3. EFMI WGs
    • yEFMI WG, Professor Ivana Ognjanovic, Chair yEFMI officer and WG Chair, 5’
    • Citizens and Health Data WG, Maria Hägglund, Chair CHD WG, 5’
  4. European Projects and Policy
    • HosmartAI, Professor Lacramiora Stoicu-Tivadar, Past EFMI President, 5’
    • FAIR4Health and EOSC, Carlos Parra Calderron, EFMI Treasurer, 5’
    • x-eHealth, Catherine Chronaki, EFMI President, 5’
  5. New EFMI Book announcement, Izet Mazic, EFMI Honorary Fellow, 5’

*Lunch boxes will be
available at the entrance.


Catherine Chronaki
EFMI President (2020-2022)

John Mantas
AC2 Chair
Past EFMI President

Ivana Ognjanovic
yEFMI officer and WG Chair

Maria Hägglund
Chair CHD WG

Lacramiora Stoicu-Tivadar
EFMI President 2018-2020

Carlos Parra Calderron
EFMI Treasurer

Izet Mazic
EFMI Honorary Fellow