EFMI Bursaries - Criteria and Regulation

(Accepted by the EFMI Council on 19/08/2013)

1. Aim and source

1.1 "EFMI Bursaries" are grants given to individuals in order to enable their participation at EFMI scientific events (namely MIE and STC conferences).

1.2 The bursaries' aim is to encourage young and/or financially challenged colleagues to participate in EFMI's conferences.

1.3 The bursaries are financed by inclusion of a specific item in the congress budget, by EFMI's resources, or other allocations, e.g. specially addressed donations, contributions and grants.

1.4 All finances will be used in accordance with EFMI's policy and are subject to EFMI's Auditing Committee review.

2. Principles

2.1 Bursaries will cover conference fee (at student rate).

2.2 Travel costs, out-of-pocket expenses and other expenses will be paid by the scholars.

2.3 A call for applicants will be published on the EFMI web site, the event web page, other publications of the event, and other relevant publications and documents.

2.4 All individuals belonging to one of EFMIs national associations, wishing to take part in an EFMIs conference, is entitled to apply for a bursary.

2.5 All applications will be evaluated and judged by a four-members committee (as detailed in section 4, the bursary committee, hereafter).

3. Requirements

3.1 The applicant is a young MI professional, young MI user, or a student (undergraduate or a student for a Master of Science) studying in a relevant academic institution.

3.2 The conference corresponds with the applicant's major activities (or studies).

3.3 It is preferred that the applicant's employer/institute/university supports their participation in the conference (with or without financial support).

4. The main Criteria





The applicant occupation/profession/studies relevancy to the conference



The applicant receives support from their institution in their

MI activities



The applicant had sent a good level paper to the conference



Applicant's country/institution is seen by EFMI as a preferred

target for visibility efforts



The committee's impression of the free text in the application



The LOC preferences and other committee's considerations


A bursary will be definitely granted to the applicant after:

  • A positive decision from the committee
  • Having a submission definitely accepted for publication as full paper.

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